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Fresh Tomato (500gms)  / طماطم محلية

Fresh Tomato (500gms) / طماطم محلية

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A tomato is a nutrient-dense superfood that offers benefits to a range of bodily systems. Its nutritional content supports healthful skin, weight loss, and heart health.


Tomatoes are packed with nutrients.

One cup of chopped or sliced raw tomatoes contains:


Tomatoes also have a wealth of vitamin and mineral content, including:


  • 18 mg of calcium
  • 427 mg of potassium
  • 43 mg of phosphorus
  • 24.7 mg of vitamin C
  • 1499 international units (IU) of vitamin A

Tomatoes also contain a wide array of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants, including:


  • alpha-lipoic acid
  • lycopene
  • choline
  • folic acid
  • beta-carotene
  • lutein

The cooking of tomatoes appears to increase the availability of key nutrients, such as the carotenoids lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Stewed tomatoes provide more lutein and zeaxanthin than sun-dried tomatoes and raw cherry tomatoes.


Content Courtesy - Medical News Today