Buy Farm Fresh Meat in Dubai


With the individuals who like non-veg food stuff, no supper is finished devoid of meat. It is the most lavish delicacy one can prepare and would make your supper interesting. Make your dinners fun with our homestead fresh meat from Meat N More farm new meat. You can purchase high quality meat and chicken in Dubai from our shops located across Dubai.

At Meat N More online store, we can easily provide Farm Fresh Meat in different structures, such as, mutton, beef, skinless chicken, mutton brain, mutton feet, mutton liver, mutton kidney, fresh whole mutton leg, new mutton chops, fresh mutton shoulder, fresh mutton mince, etc. This suggests there's no need to prepare meat right from the start. You could opt for your most well-liked delights, and you get raw fresh meat in a semi-completed form. So what are you waiting for ? Purchase Farm Fresh Meat in Dubai from Meat N More and prepare to enjoy a meaty affair.

Just buy Farm Fresh Meat once from Meat N More and we are certain you will never step other stores to purchase meat ever again. With our stringent quality checks, you get the best quality farm fresh meat at our stores in Dubai.

Meat N More Farm Fresh Meat Quality Promise

Meat n More is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality farm-fresh meat and poultry available in the UAE market. Our specialist procuring crew ensure that all our meat is prime grade and hormone-free, air-flown 365 days directly to our shelves. Our commitment to quality for customers is a prevailing ethos throughout our chain of butcheries.

Our enthusiasm for top-quality can be tasted from the finest cuts of meat, handcrafted burgers and handmade sausages. From the very beginning, we built an everyday philosophy – encouraging every employee at the Meat n More family to do the best, with everything they can offer.

Meat and More are connoisseurs of meat. Our passion for meat has met its innovative flair in handcrafted tender chops, juicy racks, perfect steaks and secretly spiced kebabs.

Why Buy Farm Fresh Meat In Dubai From Us?

We care about the quality and nature of the meat you eat. The meat you eat will taste great only if you cook with organic and farm-fresh chicken. Meat N More meat shop’s with fresh beef in Dubai is sterile and processed with no preservatives. It’s new and healthy, tastes every raw meat delicious.

Farm Fresh Meat Products

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