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Qurbani in UAE - Full Ethiopian Goat with Customized Cuts

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What's Included

  • MeatnMore`s Qurbani team buys selected healthy goats or sheep,  to perform Qurbani on your behalf in accordance with Islamic Sharia in Supervision of the Dubai Municipality team in Dubai Abbatiors.
  • Our Team will deliver the meat on the same day of Eid Ul Adha according to the Delivery Slots you selected. The time of delivery will vary depending on the Slots the authorities allocate us. If there is any change in the schedule we will inform you.
  • Parts like trotters, Stomach, intestine, etc can not be delivered since it require special processing in meat processing factories. Please choose trotters here if you like to add to your order.
  • Your Qurbani Meat will be cut according to your selected preference, packed, and delivered to your doorstep.

(All Pictures are for reference only, Actuals  may differ.)

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